Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting Video  
Statements by Salvador Gabarró and Rafael Villaseca in the 2015 AGM

Financial Results

Third quarter 2015 results.
Gas Natural Fenosa CEO, Rafael Villaseca, assesses the company’s results for the first half of 2015.

Results from 1st Quarter of 2015

2013-2015 Strategic Plan

2013-2015 Strategic Plan.


Presentation of the short film ‘Beta’.

Presentation of the short film directed by Santiago Segura.

Presentation of the short film ‘Vaca Paloma’.
Gas Natural Fenosa Cinema Schedule: San Sebastian International Film Festival..

Gas Natural Fenosa renews its agreement with San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Gas Natural Fenosa Cinema Schedule:  the second edition of Cinergia to take place in San Sebastián.

Gas Natural Fenosa Cinema Schedule: second edition of Cinergía.

Gas Natural Fenosa presents Cinergía

cinergia Gas Natural Fenosa Schedule: ‘Domonic’.

Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation.

The Gas Museum.
The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Archives.
Results from the First Export Programme.

Conversion of municipalities with LPG to natural gas

The process to convert LPG to natural gas.

Bill Protection Service

What is the Bill Protection Service?
What eventualities does it cover?
Who can contract this service? 

European Mobility Week

What is Vehicular Natural Gas?

Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week in Catalonia

The advantages of LNG and CNG as fuels.

Environmental week

 Gas Natural Fenosa and Environmental Week.

Gas Natural Fenosa and World Environment Day 

Gas Natural Fenosa applications

YoLeoGas App

Mi Consumo App

Stock Vídeos

The Gas Distribution and Transport Network Control Centre

Here’s the new Gas Natural Fenosa Online Press Room

Cordal de Montouto Wind Farm
Gas Natural Fenosa Head Office in Barcelona.

Gas Natural Fenosa Madrid Head Office.

Gas Natural Fenosa Madrid Customer Service Centre.

La Coruña CSC.

 Gas Natural Fenosa LNG tankers.