• The project, which had a total investment of €1.5 million, enabled the dismantling of 10 high voltage towers, the removal of 1,525 metres of overhead lines that crossed this urban area of Lérez and the burying of 2,000 metres of line.

  • In addition to eliminating the visual impact of the electrical facilities, the action will also enable the inhabitants to use their properties once again.

This morning, the UFD delegate in Galicia, Julio Gonzalo, and the regional delegate of the Government in Pontevedra, José Manuel Cores Tourís, announced the conclusion of the works to bury the high voltage line in Monte Porreiro, a long-standing demand of the inhabitants of this neighbourhood of Pontevedra. The company delegate in the province of Pontevedra, Francisco Ramos, the regional head of Economic Affairs, Employment and Industry, Ignacio Rial, and the councillor, Allberto Oubiña, were also present on the visit.

The works, which began a year ago, dismantled 10 high-voltage towers (with an average height of between 15 and 20 metres) and 1,525 metres of overhead lines that crossed the urban area of Monte Porreiro. UFD, the electricity distribution subsidiary of Naturgy, invested €1.5 million to bury this double circuit 66 kV Tibo Mourente power line (LAT), which connects the Mourente substation to the river Lérez. The works enabled the construction of an approximately 2,000-metre-long underground canalisation, 634 metres of which were built by the Regional Government of Pontevedra as part of a partnership agreement between the Regional Council of Economic Affairs, Employment and Industry, UFD and the local government.

The head of UFD in Galicia, Julio Gonzalo, explained: “This project eliminates the visual impact of the electrical facilities and also means the inhabitants can use their properties once again.” Meanwhile, José Manuel Cores Tourís thanked UFD for their involvement with this project and, in particular, with the neighbourhood of Monte Porreiro. He also highlighted: “The conclusion of this civil work fulfils the public administration’s commitment to the inhabitants of this area.”

Presence in Galicia

UFD is the largest electricity distributor in Galicia with an 85% market share. It provides service to more than 1.5 million supply points in 286 municipalities in the four provinces of Galicia via a network of close on 60,000 kilometres of high-, medium- and low-voltage power lines. In the past three years, the electricity distribution subsidiary of Naturgy has invested €635 million in Galicia to improve the distribution network and the quality of supply.

Pontevedra, 5 April 2019