• The energy company’s foundation organises these sessions in collaboration with the Council of Santiago de Compostela and the Council of Muxía.

  • Around 290 people in the A Coruña province have received this training so far this year.

In the coming days the Naturgy Foundation is organising three Energy School training sessions in the province of A Coruña for families in a situation of energy vulnerability. The aim is to offer them some guidelines on how to consume energy more efficiently, so they can reduce the amount of their bills without affecting their home comfort.

The session in Muxía will take place through the Council tomorrow at 11 am in the Museo del Voluntariado (Praza Camposa).

The Santiago de Compostela sessions have been taking place fortnightly since March and the next sessions will take place on 5 June (10.30 am at PASS CABES, Casa das Asociacións de Benestar Social, Rúa Manuel María, no. 6, Salgueiriños) and 19 June (10.30 am on Rúa de Frei Rosendo Salvado, no. 16, 15703 Santiago de Compostela).

So far this year, the Naturgy Foundation has held 29 Energy School training days in various towns around A Coruña.

The School sessions work on subjects related to energy efficiency or optimising bills. They also give information on people who might be eligible for the subsidised rate, and help them to apply for it. “What we are trying to do is empower the most vulnerable people, so they can minimise the impact of the cost of energy by applying the measures and advice explained at the workshops”, says Ester Sevilla, director of the Naturgy Foundation’s Social Projects and International area.

The Energy School is a Naturgy Foundation project and part of Naturgy’s Energy Vulnerability Plan. María Coronado, Managing Director of the Naturgy Foundation, highlights the partnerships they have with public authorities and social entities for running the School: “This initiative is only possible thanks to the support of others with a lot of experience in this field, such as the public authorities, and the professionals and volunteers from NGOs, such as Cruz Roja and Cáritas, as well as many other social organisations that are doing a great job throughout Spain.”

Since it was launched in June 2017, the Energy School has trained more than 15,500 people, including families in situations of energy vulnerability, as well as third sector and public administration staff all over Spain. Over 1,400 energy advice sessions have been held in more than 325 municipalities in Andalusia, Cantabria, Catalonia, Castile-Leon, Castile-La Mancha, the Region of Valencia, Galicia, Madrid, Navarre and La Rioja.

Any organisation or local council that wishes to offer this kind of free training can get in touch with the Naturgy Foundation through the Foundation’s website (http://www.fundacionnaturgy.org/) or by email escuelaenergia@naturgy.com

The Naturgy Foundation and the Energy Vulnerability Plan

The Naturgy Energy Vulnerability Plan is the first such plan to be developed by a Spanish power company and was launched in 2017. The programme contains over 20 operational and social measures aimed at strengthening and systematising the management of vulnerable customers, and enhancing collaboration with third sector entities and communication with social services.


The Naturgy Foundation, set up in 1992, seeks to educate, train, inform and raise social awareness of energy and environmental issues. It also develops social action programmes both nationally and internationally, in particular by supporting initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability.

A Coruña, 03 June 2019.