• A total of 59 groups of students from Aragon, the Region of Madrid, the Canary Islands, the Region of Valencia, Galicia and Castile and Leon are taking part in the initiative.
  • The winners will be announced in May after publicly presenting their project before a panel of professionals in Madrid.

A total of 15 secondary schools throughout Spain have been selected to take part in the 1st Efigy Technology Competition, a new initiative by the Naturgy Foundation aimed at encouraging technology-related careers among young people. A total of 59 groups of students from Aragon, the Region of Madrid, the Canary Islands, the Region of Valencia, Galicia and Castile and Leon are taking part in the initiative.

The Efigy competition, aimed at 3rd and 4th year compulsory secondary education (ESO) students, is free to enter. With this programme, the Naturgy Foundation seeks to awaken an interest among students in issues related to energy, technology and the environment, as well as foster education on the sustainable and responsible use of energy. Besides supporting research skills in young people while awakening their curiosity and creativity, participation in this competition promotes teamwork and communication skills among students.

The foundation thus seeks to further develop its role in training and the spreading of knowledge, one of its main lines of action. Hence, the projects presented by students for this competition are required to look for real ways to improve air quality in cities, energy efficiency, energy sources and sustainable urban mobility.

Martí Solà, the General Manager of the Naturgy Foundation, underlines the excitement with which this project is being launched. “What we want from Efigy is to position the competition as an annual event for education centres to use as a benchmark and to encourage the next generation to offer their ideas on how to improve our planet through energy efficiency, one of the hallmarks of our foundation”, he said.

Specialised advice on the projects

73% of the teams taking part in this first edition come from schools in Zaragoza, including 17 groups from IES Siglo XXI and 10 groups from Colegio Británico de Aragón. The other groups in Zaragoza come from CEIP Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Colegio La Anunciata, Colegio de Fomento Sansueña, Escuelas Pías Santa Engracia, Colegio Montearagón, IES Luis Buñuel and IES Reyes Católicos.

The other schools selected for Efigy are located in Madrid (Colegio Areteia and IES María de Molina), Tenerife (IES Santa Úrsula), Valencia (Colegio San José HFI), Lugo (IES A Pinguela) and Ciudad Rodrigo (Seminario Diocesano San Cayetano).

During the competition, the students and their teachers will receive advice from specialised educators at the Naturgy Foundation and through education material that should make experimentation and progress by the researchers easier.

All participants will receive a certificate and the winners will be announced on 8 May, when the finalists will need to present their projects in public at an event called “Efigy Challenge. 1st Naturgy Foundation Technology Conference”, which will take place in Madrid.

A panel of experts will award four prizes: one to the most innovative proposal; a second to the most feasible; and a third to the best communicated, each receiving a prize worth €500. The fourth prize will recognise the school with the most involvement and support from its pupils, and will award €2,000 to spend on education material.

The Naturgy Foundation and its mission to train society

The Efigy Technology Competition forms part of a series of education and information campaigns with which the Naturgy Foundation seeks to convey values on changing the energy model, conserving the environment and consuming energy responsibly.

Since they were launched in 2012, almost 700,000 children and young people have taken part in these education initiatives aimed at schools of all levels, including online and classroom-based education resources, the Learning-Service Programme (APS) and touring experiences.

Set up by the power company in 1992, the Naturgy Foundation is also engaged in social action programmes both nationally and further afield, by influencing particular initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability. 


Madrid, 31 January 2019