• The app can read the consumption marked by the meter via the camera on a mobile telephone or tablet and communicate the reading to the company’s computer systems.

Gas Natural is improving the service provided to users of its gas network by launching a mobile app that will make it easier to report meter readings. The app – called YoLeoGas – is available for free on the most popular operating systems (iOS and Android) via the App Store and Google Play platforms.

YoLeoGas ensures that taking a meter reading is a simple process with a mobile telephone or tablet. Users need only register the CUPS number from their bill in the app and take a photo of the meter. The app informs the customer whether the photo is valid and sends it to the distribution company’s computer systems, which process the information automatically. Information provided via YoLeoGas is given priority over readings provided through other channels.

Among the options offered by the app is the possibility to configure notifications so that users are told when a meter reading is required. Furthermore, the app shows a list of past readings so customers can monitor their consumption.

More channels of communication

The YoLeoGas app joins the other channels that Gas Natural already offers its customers to make meter reading a simple process: the free telephone service by calling 900 770 770; the email service by writing to serviciofotocontador@gasnatural.com and attaching a photo of the reading; the website at www.gasnaturaldistribucion.com; and the meter reading form hung by the company in building lobbies before a visit.

Over 700,000 users send meter readings to Gas Natural every month because of convenience or because they will be absent from their home at the time of a visit by someone from the company. Almost 50% of domestic meters in Spain are located inside the home.

YoLeoGas is the result of the company’s commitment to increasing process efficiency along with its leading technological position and firm dedication to customer service.

The leading company in gas distribution in Spain

Gas Natural currently distributes gas to over 5.2 million supply points in Spain. The company will invest approximately 1.24 billion euros between 2015 and 2017 and add a total of 730,000 new supply points over these three years, providing a service to almost 2.8 million new users. At the end of this three-year period, the distribution companies of Gas Natural will be providing their services to over six million supply points in Spain.

Barcelona, 20 July 2015

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