Approximately 40 volunteers, including both employees and their relatives, took part this weekend in efforts to protect the Parque Regional del Sureste (Madrid).

  • This initiative is part of a corporate environmental volunteering programme launched by the energy company with a view to encouraging a positive attitude towards environmental conservation in its employees.

Approximately 40 volunteers, including both employees of GAS NATURAL FENOSA and their relatives, took part this weekend in a conservation project for the Parque Regional del Sureste (Madrid). On the volunteering day organised by the power company in conjunction with the Global Nature Foundation and with collaboration from the Region of Madrid, various activities were carried out in the area known as El Soto de las Juntas, where the rivers Manzanares and Jarama meet.

This protected area, characterised by gypsiferous formations and numerous lakes, is home to a number of unique species, such as the otter and peregrine falcon, and riverbank woodlands that form part of the Natura 2000 Network because of their high conservation value. In order to regenerate the riverbank woodland areas, a total of 175 autochthonous riverbank plants were planted (such as elm and ash trees). These plants were donated by the nursery of the Regional Body of the National Parks Authority.

Numerous ailanthus had been previously removed from the planting area. This is an invasive plant that creates serious conservation problems. The planting carried out by these volunteers will therefore not only help regenerate the typical riverbank woodland in this area but should also help prevent the reappearance of ailanthus.

Willow stakes were also used to create a small nursery, which will be used during upcoming activities. Finally, an expert provided a demonstration on bird banding and the importance of this activity within the framework of biodiversity conservation and research. All the activities were linked to the communication of environmental values associated with riverbank woodland and the problems caused by invasive species for environmental conservation.

This day forms part of the Corporate Environmental Volunteering Programme launched by the power company to encourage a positive attitude in its employees towards environmental conservation in nearby natural surroundings close to their Madrid and Barcelona workplaces.

The goal for the programme is to ensure that the volunteers become aware of their relationship with nature and their colleagues in a way that breaks the mould by giving them an opportunity to observe and improve their natural environment on the ground.

Commitment to the environment and our natural surroundings

GAS NATURAL FENOSA maintains a firm commitment to society and has for many years adopted a corporate culture of respect for and awareness of the environment and environmental improvement, which it continually conveys to its employees, customers, suppliers and society in general.

Along these lines, the company incorporates its commitment to preserving biodiversity in all its businesses and activities, and has defined an environmental sustainability strategy based on these three targets: the minimisation of impacts on ecosystems; the conservation of natural assets; and the mitigation of global warming.

The Global Nature Foundation

For over 20 years, the Global Nature Foundation has been working on the conservation of spaces and species, as well as the restoration of degraded ecosystems, with a particular focus on wetland areas. Over the last two decades, the foundation has worked with public and private entities to develop activities aimed at conserving biodiversity, both in Spain and within the framework of development aid projects.

As a charitable education foundation, all its projects include environmental awareness activities that take place through courses, workshops and corporate volunteering programmes on the ground.

 Madrid, 10 March 2015