We are a multinational group operating in more than 30 countries and with almost 18 million customers

We have an installed capacity of 15.45 GW and a diversified power generation mix on an international scale.

We are the third-largest gas and electricity distribution company in Spain, with 9.1 million connection points.

Our team comprises 15,375 people, over 50% of whom work outside of Spain.

We are leaders in the distribution of natural gas in the Iberian Peninsula.

We are one of the largest international operators of LNG in the world, and a point of reference in the Atlantic basin, where we operate 30 bcm.

Almost 18 million customers cand 15.45 GW of installed capacity..

We have a holdings in 2 re-gasification and 2 liquefaction plants.

We are one of the largest operators in the world ofcombined cycles with 9.1 GW of power.

We have 9 LNG tankers.


We are the third-largest generator under the ordinary regime in Spain, with 3.7 million clients.

Strong presence in the energy markets of Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru.

Net benefi: 1.36 billion euros. EBITDA:  3.915 billion euros, in 2017.

We have an asset portfolio worth 47.322 billion euros, according to the report for 2017.